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Big Hip Throw - O Gosh

The technique shown below is illustrated in my book Modern Self Defense for the 21st  

Unless otherwise stated, all throwing techniques are described from a right side traditional Judo grab (Kumi-Kata).  Kumi-Kata is performed by Tori and Uke standing naturally with their feet shoulder width apart, right foot slightly advanced.  Both grab each others left lapel with the right hand.  Then both grab each others right elbow with the left hand.  Although each throw is broken down into individual steps, it is performed as one movement.  Another important part of throwing is to remember to keep your center of gravity lower than your opponent.  This is accomplished by keeping your belt lower than Uke’s belt when throwing.

Only practice throwing techniques on a suitable surface designed for absorbing the impact and only under the guidance of a trained instructor.

Pull upward moving Uke forward and onto the toes.  Step across with the right foot placing it directly in front of Uke’s right foot.  While doing this, pivot 180 degrees on the balls of the feet so that you and Uke are facing the same direction (feet are shoulder width apart, knees bent so that your waist is lower than Uke’s waist, the back right hip touching Uke’s stomach).  While turning, release the right hand, bringing it behind Uke’s back, grabbing the belt and moving the hip to the right.  Extend the legs and pull across the body with the left hand, throwing Uke over the extended right hip and into a left side break fall.


 Remember, without safety, there can be no Jujitsu. 

Before beginning any martial art practice, you must always know primary rule.

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